Mr. U.S.A                   VS    Andrew Anderson













 20 Man Rumble at the Hilton match.  Two men will start and every minute & half  another man will enter the ring. Only way to lose is to be tossed over the top rope and to the floor. The last man left in the ring will be the winner of the Rumble. General Admission Tickets $20.00



Some of the talents scheduled to be on the card 





             Rumble at the Hilton 

Rebel vs Madi Maxx

OutLaw Randy Wayne VS J.D Drake 
International Superstars vs The Dirty Blondes with Col. Parker

Caleb Konley vs C.W Anderson 

Tmart Surprise Team vs Kevin Zion & Bam Bam Bundy with Lucky P Larson 

20 Man Rumble at the Hilton 

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